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Spring 2020

Legal History: Continental Legal History


These outlines contain three types of material: (1) facts or bibliography about people or events that we will mention in class (‘kings, and battles, and dates’); (2) documents, or summaries thereof, that we will be studying in class (good for preparing for class); and (3) (but not always) genuine outlines of the lectures. For the classes that have not yet been held, I give here the lecture outlines as they are currently conceived, keyed to dates on which we will have the class. There are also outlines for the section meetings. Once the class has been held, I will try to post the outlines that I used in class if they are different, fuller, or more reflective of what was actually said in class. The outlines are now complete and up-to-date for the course as it was given in 2018. Lecture outlines don’t display the same way in different web browsers. These are optimized for Firefox; the spacing will be a little off in Internet Explorer, and the upper-case Roman numeral won’t show. I think I have most of the images that I used the last time I gave the course in the outlines. Most of the images that we used are there. Some of them are embedded in the outlines; some of them are reached through hyperlinks in the outlines; some of them are in a separate PDF called ‘slides’.


The date of the class for this year’s course is linked to the outline for the class. The outlines for the classes for 2018 will be replaced with the outlines for this year as we go along. Under this there are one or more links to the documents in the coursepack assigned for the class and/or to some of the secondary readings listed in the syllabus for the class. The pdfs of the coursepack don’t quite pick up all the fancy formatting that the paper version has, but all the text is there. As I say in the syllabus, focus on the documentary material. It’s more important than the secondary reading. Where two secondary readings are given, e.g., Bellomo and van Caenegem, they are alternatives, but they frequently provide different viewpoints. I have linked the assigned documents for the whole course, but usually only once, even where the documents are used in more than one class.


Mon., Jan. 27
Bellomo, pp. 1–26
Van Caenegem, pp. 1–15
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 1–23

Tue., Jan. 28
Documents, Part I
Documents, Part XX
Documents, Part II.A

Western Legal Tradition

Wed., Jan. 29
Documents, Part I.A
Documents, Part XX
Watson, pp. 1–38

Mon., Feb. 03
Documents, Part III.A
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 24–37

Tue., Feb. 04
Documents, Part I
Documents, Part XX
Documents, Part II.B–C

Wed., Feb. 05
Documents, Part III.B

Mon., Feb. 10
Documents, Part IV
Bellomo, pp. 27–43
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 38–70

Tue., Feb. 11
Documents, Part III
Documents, Part VI
Van Caenegem, pp. 16–29
Vinogradoff, pp. 11–42

Wed., Feb. 12
Documents, Part V
Documents, Part VI
Berman, pp. 85–119,

Mon., Feb. 17
Bellomo, pp. 61–88
Vinogradoff, pp. 71–96

Tue., Feb. 18
Documents, Part II.B–C
Documents, Part III
Documents, Part VI
Documents, Part VII
Documents, Part VIII

Wed., Feb. 19
Documents, Part VII
Bellomo, pp. 44–61, 89–117
Vinogradoff, pp. 43–70
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 71–94

Mon., Feb. 24
Documents, Part VIII

Tue., Feb. 25
Documents, Part IX
Documents, Part XIV.A–B

Wed., Feb. 26
Documents, Part IX
Van Caenegem, pp. 30–114
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 95–150

Mon., Mar. 02
Documents, Part XIV.A–B

Tue., Mar. 03
Documents, Part X

Wed., Mar. 04
Documents, Part X.A

Mon., Mar. 09
Documents, Part X.B–C

Tue., Mar. 10
Documents, Part XI

Wed., Mar. 11
Documents, Part XI

Spring Break

Mon., Mar. 23
Documents, Part XII
Documents, Part XIII
Bellomo, pp. 116–161
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 151–

Tue., Mar. 24
Documents, Part XI
Documents, Part XII.C

Wed., Mar. 25
Documents, Part XII.A, C, D
Documents, Part XIV.E

Mon., Mar. 30
Documents, Part XIII

Tue., Mar. 31
Documents, Part XIV.F

Wed., Apr. 01
Documents, Part XIV.C
Documents, Part XIV.D

Mon., Apr. 06
Documents, Part XV
Bellomo, pp. 162–173
Watson, pp. 53–82
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 229–

Tue., Apr. 07
Documents, Part XV
Documents, Part XVI
Documents, Part XVII

Wed., Apr. 08
Documents, Part XVI.C

Mon., Apr. 13
Watson, pp. 83–125

Tue., Apr. 14
Documents, Part XIX
Documents, Part XX

Wed., Apr. 15
Documents, Part XVI.A–B
Documents, Part XVI.D
Documents, Part XVII

Mon., Apr. 20
Van Caenegem, pp. 115–169
Watson, pp. 126–130
Padoa-Schioppa, pp. 294–

Tue., Apr. 21
Documents, Part XX

Wed., Apr. 22
Documents, Part XVIII

Mon., Apr. 27
Van Caenegem, pp. 170–196




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