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Listed below are the previous examinations given in this course that are available at this site together with memos commenting on what might have been said in answer to the essay question(s) and instructions for this year’s exam.

Previously the Exam Instructions and the Appendix linked below were those for the exam in the spring of 2017. They are now those for the one in the fall 2017. I would particularly recommend that you look at the statutes and cases in the packet of primary materials. The essay question this year will involve South Dakota law, although it will be a very different question from the one that I gave last spring (no dinosaurs!). The appendix may contain a more than is actually necessary for the question, but it will give you a very good idea of what one jurisdiction has done with many of the topics that we discussed this semester, and hence would be good for review.


Sample Objective Questions

Essay Question 2011S

Essay Memo 2011S


Essay Question 2009

Essay Memo 2009

Essay Question 2008

Essay Memo 2008

Essay Questions and Memos 2000, 2004

Exam Instructions for Fall 2017

Primary Materials for this Year’s Exam (17F)

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