Fall 2017

Property Section 2



The basic information about the course and its requirements is given in the the syllabus. I will use this space to post current announcements.


01/03/17. Please pick up copies of the syllabus and the the multilithed materials in the Distribution Center. They should be available by mid-January. The syllabus is also available on this site. A set of class materials for each class is also available on this site under Lectures, keyed to the date on which we will take up the material. (An entire set of the class materials is available on Canvas under ‘Files’.) For the first class (23 January) read the syllabus and Pierson v. Post (Materials, pp. S5–S27). In addition to the class materials, Lectures also contains the outlines of each class from the last time I gave the course. They won’t be quite the same this year, but they will probably be similar.

01/03/17. I do not to allow the use of electronic equipment (laptop computers, cell phones, etc.) in class. While there are a number of reasons for this decision, the most compelling from my point of view is that they seem to be a barrier to conversation and thought. For those who are concerned that they might miss something taking handwritten notes, I will try to have every class recorded, and the recordings will be available online.




09/09/06. Make-up Class Friday, September 22
The make-up class will be held on Friday, September 22 (as previously announced). It will be held from 1:30 to 2:55 in Pound 100 (the room in which you regularly have Civil Procedure).

9/27/06. Mistake on S29
One of you called to my attention that there is a mistake on p. S29 of the supplementary materials.  In questions 6 and 8, one of the suggested answers is 2007.  It should be 2010.  (For anyone who is interested, the dates are in a database, so that I can change them automatically.  For some reason, this change did not post to the hard copy [though all the others did].)

10/4/06 Question and Answer Sessions

As announced previously in class, I will hold question and answer sessions every week starting on October 19 from 4:45 to 5:45 on Thursday afternoons. The sessions will be held in Langdell North (at the opposite end of the building from where we normally meet). I will not be able to meet for the session on November 16 (and November 23 is a holiday). Otherwise, they will be held every Thursday until the end of the semester (last session December 7). These are not extra classes; attendance is optional. In the past some students have come to all of them and some to none, but the majority have come to a few, particularly when they have questions.

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