The John M. Olin Center

The John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business

John M. Olin Prizes

This is a $2,000 prize awarded for an outstanding paper written by an HLS student analyzing a legal topic from an economic perspective. Students wishing to be considered for this award must first obtain a statement evaluating their paper from a professor under whom it is written. Then they should submit their papers by email to Irina Goldina, Program Administrator, by Friday, April 26, 2019. Generally, the prize is awarded in May, and there are anywhere from one to three prize-winning papers each year. For further information, please contact Professor Steven Shavell

Below you will find a list of our recent Olin Prize recipients. Years highlighted in blue can be clicked to link to a winning paper from that particular year.

2018 (1) - “Effects of External Whistleblower Rewards on Internal Reporting” by Masaki Iwasaki.

2018 (2) - “High Tech, Low Voice: Dual-Class IPOs in the Technology Industry” by Roberto Tallarita.

2017 (1) - “Breaking Down Asset Managers:  Active and Passive Fund Incentives for Anti-Competition” by John Abraham.

2017 (2) - “Slipping Through the Cracks: Detecting Manipulation in Regional Commodity Markets” by Jeffery Y. Zhang (co-authored with Reid B. Stevens).

2016 (1) - “Living with Money Market Fund Reform” by Ledina Gocaj.

2016 (2) - “Regulating Secondary Markets in the High Frequency Age:  A Principled and Coordinated Approach” by Michael Morelli.

2015 (1) - "Unenforceable and Misleading Clauses in Consumer Contracts: Evidence from the Residential Rental Market" by Meirav Furth-Matzkin.

2015 (2) - "Determining Optimal Default Savings Rates for 401(k) Plans" by Luke Martin.

2014 (1) - "Frozen Charters" by Scott Hirst.

2014 (2) - "Executive Compensation in Controlled Companies" by Kobi Kastiel.

2014 (3) - "CEO Stock Ownership Policies – Rhetoric and Reality" by Nitzan Shilon.

2013 (1) - "Agents Unchained: The Determinants of Takeover Defenses in IPO Firms" by Brandon S. Gold.

2013 (2) - "Free At Last? Judicial Discretion and Racial Disparities in Federal Sentencing" by Crystal S. Yang.

2012 (1) - "Transparency and Media Scrutiny in the Regulatory Process" by Laurence Tai.

2012 (2) - "Antitrust Laws in Developing Countries: An Empirical Analysis of the Reasons and Effects of Enforcement and Non-Enforcement" by Dina Waked.

2011- "Committee on Capital Market Regulation: Financial Regulation, Systemic Risk, and the Audit of Financial Contagion" by Adam M. Jenkins.

2010 - "Providing a Pigouvian Subsidy to Insurers for Success in Reducing Traffic" by Noam Noked.

2009 - "The Global Cross-Section of Crime and Punishment" by Holger Spamann.

2008 (1) - "Insiders and Outsiders: Does Forbidding Sexual Harassment Exacerbate Gender Inequality?" (formerly "The Effects of Sexual Harassment Law on Gender Inequality") by Daniel L. Chen & Jasmin Sethi.

2008 (2) - "Mechanisms of Secrecy" by Daniel Epps.

2007 - "An Economic Analysis of Advanced Tax Rulings: Threat Commitment and Precedential Effect" by Yehonatan Givati.

2006 (1) - "A Law and Economics Look at Contracts Against Public Policy" by Michael Chu; subsequently published in Harvard Law Review, Vol. 119, No. 5, March 2006, pages 1445-1466.

2006 (2) - "The Problem of Shareholder Preference Divergence" by Kenneth S. Reinker.

2006 (3) - "The Myth of 'Rebalancing' Retaliation in WTO Dispute Settlement Practice" by Holger Spamann; subsequently published in Journal of International Economic Law, Vol. 9, 2006, pages 31-79.

2005 (1) - "The Impact of Corporate Law on Headquarters Choice" by David Steven Ascher.

2005 (2) - "Classified Boards and Firm Value" by Michael Denver Frakes.

2005 (3) - "Reexaming the 'Public Use' Requirement in Eminent Domain: A Theory Based on Secret Buying Agents and the Potential for Corruption" by Daniel Bruce Kelly.

2004 (1) - "Delaware's Compensation: Price Consideration in the Market for Corporate Law" by Michal Barzuza.

2004 (2) - "An Economic Analysis of Contract Assignability" by Jared George Kramer.

2003 (1) - "Credible Coercion: An Economic Analysis of Duress Doctrine in Contract Law" by Oren Bar-Gill & Omri Ben-Shahar.

2003 (2) - "Court of Public Opinion: Government Accountability and Judicial Independence" by Matthew Caleb Stephenson.

2002 (1) - "Anonymity and Crime: A Duration Analysis of Wanted Fugitives" by Thomas J. Miles.

2002 (2) - "Technology Suppression Through Anticompetitive Non Use of Patents and Antitrust Laws" by Ziv M. Preis.

2002 (3) - "The Fable of Entry: Bounded Rationality, Market Discipline, and Legal Policy" by Avishalom Tor.

2001 - "The Limited Failure of Mens Rea" by Assaf Hamdani.

2000 (1) - "Myths in Criminology: Why Legalized Abortion Does Not Explain the Dramatic Reduction in Crime Between 1991 and 1998. A Critique of Legalized Abortion and Crime" by Jeffrey M. Hill.

2000 (2) - "Threats to Sue and Cost Divisibility Under Asymmetric Information" by Alon Klement.

2000 (3) - "Monogamy, Polygamy, and Female Repression" by James Spindler.

1999 (1) - "A Comparative Empirical Investigation of Agency and Market Theories of Insider Trading" by Laura N. Beny.

1999 (2) - "The Durapolist Puzzle: Market Power in Durable-Goods Markets" by Barak Y. Orbach.

1998 (1) - "Public versus Private Enforcement of Law: A Political Economy Perspective" by Bo Li.

1998 (2) - "Games Commissions Play: 2x2 Games of International Securities Regulation" by Amir Naftali Licht.

1998 (3) - "Rethinking Rights of First Refusal" by David Ira Walker.

1997 (1) - "Boom and Bust: The Relationship between Structure and Performance Among Large Law Firms, 1986-1995" by Mark Fisher.

1997 (2) - "Controlling Judicial Discretion: Intended and Unintended Empirical Effects of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines" by James Todd Kennard.

1996 (1) - "The Anti-Competitive Effect of Partial Stock Acquisition and Partial Ownership as a Strategic Variable to Facilitate Tacit Collusion" by David Gilo.

1996 (2) - "Corporate Criminal Liability: What Purpose Does It Serve?" by Vikramaditya Singh Khanna.